The Moral Issue

Humans are opportunistic, right?


So, it is necessary for us to have things like patents, copyrights and trademarks to prevent theft. If you create something, you should be recognized and paid for it. This is how it has worked for a very long time.

Thinking back to a previous class discussing GNU Linux, this type of open source, free, unregulated system could really shake the status quo.

My father is a professional computer nerd. I don’t know exactly what he does because it is very foreign to me but he talks about how much he loves Linux.

If Linux is the great, easy to use, intuitive, and smooth operating system, then it flips the idea of copyrights and etc. on its head. Imagine the progress we could see in so many different areas if everyone could build on it. If something is too similar to something created before then it will be shot down in a court of law as not being original enough. And the original will not progress as quickly.

The moral issue of copyright is: what if the first made by one sucks? What if 100 more hands could make the original great by comparison?

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